March 6 2016

Act 9:1-19

Sermon Title:

        Brother Saul: A Picture of Grace


As your week comes to a close, I want to send you Sunday morning's PowerPoint.  This is exciting!  Brent and I worked through all of Psalm 32 prayerfully considering what songs came to mind as we considered each section.  The Psalms were used by the Jewish people in their worship gatherings.  Many of them have a particular flow to them with themes of adoration of God's transcendence, confession of sin, celebration of redemption, Assurance of salvation/God's presence, reception of God's Word and finally response of the worshiper.  That is exactly how this Psalm flows for our gathering on Sunday.  I'll show you - you'll need your Bible...Again, this is an effort to be intentional and purposeful in our planning trusting the Holy Spirit above all! 


Adoration of God's Transcendence/Greatness 

Psalm 32: 1-2 - He is Just and the Justifier of sinners!  ---- And Can It Be

Confession of Sin

Psalm 32: 3-4 ----- I am writing a prayer of confession based on these verses.

Celebration of Redemption

Psalm 32: 5 - We confess and He forgives us!!!  Our Response is Ephesians 1: 7 --- Song - All Glory Be Forever

All Glory Be Forever [Sovereign Grace Music]

Assurance of Salvation/God's Presence

Psalm 32: 6-7 ----- Notice how He protects the godly surrounding them with His presence - 

Hymn - "God Leads His Dear Children Along"  (This is a hymn - glorious!)

258 God Leads us Along (Travis Cottrell)

We won't sing it just like this...but it will help you.

Reception of God's Word

Psalm 32: 8-9 (Brent will read just before the message)

Response of the Worshiper

Psalm 32: 10-11 --- We trust Him with rejoicing and Joy!  Our song - "In Christ Alone"

During communion, Brent will be singing this song by the Getty's - "Behold the Lamb"

I will be preaching  message entitled - "The Great Picture of the Glorious Gospel" from Luke 22: 14-23 and Hebrews 10: 18-25

Look forward to gathering with you ALL!